Acupuncture is a restorative therapy that uses tiny, threadlike needles or filaments to stimulate the body’s natural healing response. Archeological evidence suggests acupuncture may have been used to relieve joint pain or arthritis as long ago as 3200 BC in the Alps region of Western Europe. Written records in China document acupuncture’s place in a highly developed medical system dating back to 300 BC.

Due to its effectiveness, acupuncture has grown rapidly in popularity among Americans seeking relief from chronic health problems. The National Institutes of Health estimates that over eight million U.S. adults have received acupuncture treatments in their lifetime, with around two million U.S. adults receiving acupuncture in 2003 alone.

Current clinical research is validating that acupuncture is an effective choice for certain health conditions. Researchers are also uncovering clues about how acupuncture works by studying how the technique stimulates changes in the subcutaneous connective tissues as well as by documenting how acupuncture affects brain activity.

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