“When I first started seeing Dr. Hollis I had a chronic disease that caused me pain and limited my activities.  Where Western medicine had failed to effectively treat my condition with a barrage of NSAIDS and analgesics, Dr. Hollis produced real results using herbal medicine and diet modification and by treating me as a whole being, not just a conglomeration of autonomous parts.  Years later I am still relatively pain free and have my life back. “ – Heather.

“Being a patient and having treatment with Dr. Hollis is the first time I have truly felt cared for in my many years of seeing health care professionals.  Many thanks.”  -  Mark.

“I was not a believer.  I thought this is crazy, I need shoulder surgery.  After four weeks of visits with Chris I was like wow and I’m a true believer in acupuncture and have recommended others to visit and give it a go.  I feel better than I have in 10 years and my blood pressure is normal again.   Thanks for your help.” – Joe.

“I was giving up hope of ever feeling healthy and strong again until I met Dr. Hollis.  I had suffered most of my life from eczema (sometimes severe), migraines, constipation and extreme bloating, food sensitivities, joint discomfort, anxiety, and painful, constant acid reflux.  At the age of 40 I had endured multiple surgeries and procedures for various health problems – some with no positive results.  By the time I was referred to Dr. Hollis by a friend I was spending most of my days lying down, or in my recliner, in pain and slipping into a mild depression.  

 Since the Fall of 2014 I have gotten my life back.  Dr. Hollis has listened to me.  Some things I’ve been asked to do have been challenging (like giving up certain foods for a period of time) but worth it!  I have my life back and it’s better than ever before!  Thank you Dr. Hollis and staff for truly caring about me, my health, and my future.” – D. F.

"Dr. Chris Hollis is a master of listening and figuring out what the true underlying issues are.  I have been a patient of his for the last 6 months and he has diagnosed and treated a GI problem that I have been dealing with for 20 years!  I am grateful for him and his staffs concerns, compassion, helpfulness and clinical capabilities.  I would highly recommend his clinic if you are dealing with any type of chronic health issues!" – L.C.

“I have seen tremendous improvement in my health since starting Nutritional Response Testing (NRT) with Dr. Hollis. Prior to starting NRT, I had been struggling with sleep issues for years. I constantly battled sugar and carb cravings. Although I generally lead an active lifestyle, I felt sluggish during exercise and was often frustrated with my energy level. Once I started on the nutritional supplements prescribed, I instantly felt my energy level get better. I am in my late 40’s and I feel as physically fit as I was in my early 20’s. My cravings are gone and it’s much easier for me to follow a nutritionally balance diet. My sleep continues to improve. I am off medications my medical doctor told me I would need to take for the rest of my life.  It’s amazing to see my body tell Dr. Hollis what is not functioning properly and what it needs to get better. This experience has exceeded all expectations I had for improving my health.”  – Kristen.

"I am confident about Dr. Hollis helping me, but like anyone skeptical as well. Western medicine has done a number on me through misguided surgeries and drugs. I trusted the system because that is what I was taught and it failed me miserably. After only a few weeks of taking 5 supplements to address a virus, heavy metals, my heart and treating my scars with wheat germ oil, I have noticed a substantial change in my health and it is very encouraging. I did not expect to feel this good so soon. My libido has kicked back in and my difficulty breathing has subsided. The unexplained discomfort in my abdomen has also dissipated. I understand this will fluctuate, but I haven't had something effect me so positively in such a short time.  I am now extremely confident and excited about unlocking the mystery to the health issues that have been effecting my life for too long." - B.N.

"Before coming to Integrative Health, I had undergone various treatments for three years because of low back pain.  Since I had no positive results and my nurse practitioner told me I would need to learn to live with the pain, I thought I would try acupuncture.  After two visits I noticed a big improvement.  I actually had several pain free days.  I look forward to continuing my treatments with Chris and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere at Integrative Health." – Nancy

"Working with Dr. Hollis has been my first (and best!) experience with naturopathic medicine.  I chose him due to his multi-disciplined approach to help the body heal itself, with minimal outside influence.  It quickly became clear that in a quiet way, he would take a ‘dog with a bone’ approach to help me deal with chronic arthritic pain in major joints, whole body inflammation and fatigue…keeping the ‘Pain Free’ goal in focus.

At age 58, starting on Methotrexate as a remedy for inflammatory arthritis in my hands and osteo-arthritis in major joints was not a desired option as suggested by a Rheumatologist based on x-rays and MRI’s.  Nor was the thought of a knee replacement as some point.  I began a rigorous year of bi-weekly physical therapy, got a 2nd opinion from an Orthopaedic Surgeon, began bi-weekly massage and added Dr. Hollis to my healthcare team.

Dr. Hollis’s knowledge of the complex human body and his integrated approach has helped me reach my goal.  A food sensitivity test, acupuncture, whole food supplements, homeopathy, Chinese Herbs, heart rate variability test, muscle response testing were all used.  Most important to me was his ability to listen with an empathic ear, identify options and then propose an action step.

Our 1 ½ year journey has brought me to a pain-free state which we hope will be maintained through nutrition, lifestyle and a tweak along the way if necessary.  Too often we are erroneously guided to begin a pharmaceutical option without first identifying the root cause of our condition and then helping the body heal in the most natural way possible.  The difference in my overall wellbeing today vs. two years ago is stark….kudos to all at Resonant Medicine for the care and concern they consistently show to all who enter".  – Brenda